July 9, 2009

My Sentiments Exactly: Spewing Spigot Bastard!

we bought this jug at wal mart for 5.00 because emily and i like sun tea. really, it is the best way to make tea. our previous sun tea jug developed a leak out of the spigot so we had to put a folded up paper towel underneath to collect it. it got a little gross to deal with having this wet, tea stained rag laying in the fridge, so we tossed the jug. we then replaced that one with the one getting pwned below. immediately this jug started leaking, so back to the paper towel treatment.

but then, we get back from the mallards game the other day, the bottom of our refrigerator has about a cup or more of tea in it. this thing didn't just leak, it spewed, flooding the bottom shelf of our fridge with tea. thankfully it didn't ruin the stuff we had there, but your damn right we threw this thing away because what could would it have been to return it? to get another one just like it to leak all over our stuff again? no thank you. so, you get this, jug: fuck you.

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GMACD said...

Shouldn't have bought a tea jug from Wal-Mart go to Bed Bath and Beyond it might cost a bit more but I bet the quality will be a bit better.