August 2, 2009

Bad Music Sunday: Drew Edition


Since my brother-in-law Andrew is visiting us in Madison this weekened, he gets to supply the tunes for BMS. Enjoy!

Hollywood Undead - Undead

Godsmack - Whiskey Hangover

Metallica - Unforgiven III
Okay, Andrew didn't quite request this one (though he did okay it's inclusion) but he did want Metallica's first single off this record. I don't knwo what that is. But I found this while looking for the single. And, honestly, I never heard this song. I'm putting this one on here on spec. Just because there was just so much unforgiven story to tell after unforgiven 2 (coming to BMS soon!) doesn't mean they should make another one...well, I assume there was more unforgiveness to tell after the second one, right, because otherwise why make it?

Papa Roach - I Almost Told You I Love You

viva el mustache

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