August 3, 2009

In Abstractia: A Collection

i take these blurry photos and keep them because i think they look kind of cool. it's all because i have a shitty camera and when you put it on the night setting, if you jiggle it just a little, you get these crazy distorted photos. anyway, i got all these pictures that i like, but i don't know what to do with them after i take them and go "hey, that looks kind of neat." i mean, they aren't pictures i will show hypothetical children in some hypothetical photo album because those hypothetical children will assume i was taking some hypothetical drugs. anyway, since i can't do anything else with these things i will share them with you.

okay, this last one is a bit different. the other night when drinking out of doors in my apartment complex, someone across the transom decided it was a fine time to do some metal work. the person was sawing some kind of metal with a power tool and it made some impressive sparks. with a little booze in me and being loopy from the cigar i was trying to smoke, i figured i should take a picture of it. naturally, it did not turn out exactly as i wanted it, so, instead, it turned out like this...but i still kind of like it even if you can't exactly tell what's going on.

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