August 23, 2009

Criminal Realities (Spoiler)


If you haven't watched The Wire this will reveal a bit about Season 3, so you might want to skip this.

When Stringer Bell was having trouble with Marlo on the West Side of Balitmore, the New Day Co-op had already been established. So why didn't Stringer take the concern to the Co-op?

You'd think with their combined muscle would have been more than enough to squash the Marlo concern quickly. True, Avon Barksdale would not like that arrangement, maybe made them look like "bitches" for not being able to handle it on their own, and the co-op seemed to have an aversion to wracking up more bodies by objecting to the Barksdale vs. Marlo war in the first place, but seriously, if they came together like the fingers of a fist, forming like a Voltron of gang violence, they could have crushed the Stanfield uprising quickly. And the co-op does exactly that later on in the series.

It's just a small problem, and it may be just one of the layers of The Wire...just another critical Stringer mistake.

viva el mustache

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