August 23, 2009

Bad Music Sunday: Thanks, Sporcle


Sporcle is a glorious time waster. It's an online quiz site where it asks you questions like, "Name all 30 MLB teams" or "Name the 50 US States" or harder ones like "Time's 100 Books of the Century." There is a lot, and plenty of esoteric ones, like stuff to do with premier league soccer red cards. Anyway, you want to kill some time, especially since some of you will be spending time in a TA office very soon and won't be getting any work done anyway, let me recommend that site.

Anyway, I took a quiz that had to do with 80's one hit wonders, so I figured, shit, my BMS work is done for me. These are some the songs I couldn't name from the quiz. Enjoy!

The Korgis - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

Joey Scarbury - Believe It Or Not
Maybe I got his named spelled wrong. Sporcle has it spelled different. Oh, and you just got to be a little patient to get to the song, once the Solid Gold intro stuff goes by.

Frank Stallone - Far From Over
Yes, Frank Stallone. Remember when Norm MacDonald used to do Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live and he used Frank Stallone as a frequent punchline? I think Frank Stallone was also in that movie Barfly.

Boys Don't Cry - I Wanna Be a Cowboy

JJ Fad - Supersonic
This is the song that Fergie swiped, sorry, sampled, to make her magnum opus "Fergalicious"

Bonham - Wait for You

Sheriff - When I'm With You

Club Noveau - Lean on Me
Ack! Church youth group pantomime flashbacks!!

Bonus Video
I wouldn't call this a bad song. It's a respectable cover. But, seriously, look at this video.

Doctor and The Medics - Spirit in the Sky

viva el mustache

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