September 27, 2009

Bad Music Sunday: Seward's Folly's Folly


Just found out that Emily didn't get the Alaska gig. Salmon-fishing bastards! Curse their frozen hearts! Unless, of course, another job opens and they hire her, then bless their frozen, crab-shaped hearts.

But right now Alaska, and everything about Alaska, sucks. So here's to you, you permafrost moosey douchebags, and your snaggletoothed songbird...

Jewel - I Do

Jewel - Stronger Woman

Jewel - Till It Feels Like Cheating

Jewel - Intuition
This is the 600th BOMM song.

Libby Roderick - How Could Anyone

36 Crazyfists - Slit Wrist Theory
Our Lady Peace plus Limp Bizkit = 36 Crazyfists. Enjoy!

Alaska' State Anthem: Alaska's Flag

viva los lower 48 y mustache!

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