September 26, 2009

Great Night, Fellas. (Updated)

here's a picture Emily took of the Q & A, maybe it's Jorge speaking on the complexities of "naughty time" in his poems. anyway, it's better than the one I took above...but I really wanted the sunset in the picture as well. Can't say I didn't try.

this next picture doesn't make sense. I don't know how or why an old picture, that has been deleted from the memory card on my camera for some time now, became grafted onto the bottom of this picture. Anyone with digital camera see something like this before, where the camera combines pictures on its own? This is strange to me.


Jorge said...

I'm glad you guys could make it out.
My camera's done the picture grafting before, but never with a picture that I've deleted. It's merged two existing pictures.

Flynn said...

Thanks for being there, B & E.