September 16, 2009

Suck It, Trebek


Check out the below video where Alex Trebek discusses his loss of mustache (It's the second question asked during the video). He goes on to say that he doesn't miss his mustache (!) and that it's easy to grow one (!!).

First off, him not missing his mustache? Lie. Full lie. Look at his face. He's a lying liar. He misses that mustache like lions in the zoo miss the wild. His heart, his soul, his manhood was in that mustache. Now it's gone. Been gone for quite some time. Now, of course he's grown complacent, like the lion used to people feeding him steaks. Barely a lion anymore, but he surely remembers, and laments, his old roar.

Second, mustaches are easy to grow, but it's a difficult statement to make. Mustache is a profound statement of manhood. You could call it simple to do, so maybe not a big deal. Just like not getting up from a seat on a bus is easy to do. It's easy and bold, Mr. Trebek.

Anyway, here's the video.

viva el mustache

ps...thanks for the text, Natalie.

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