September 15, 2009

People of Size?


Here's another link to another morning news segment about the struggle of fat people.

Reality TV Makes Being Fat Cool

Some good points are made, but, seriously, that woman from that fat liberation group used the phrase, "People of Size." People of Size? Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck kind of namby-pambying of the language is that? I understand wanting to dispel myths of fat people and negative treatment. I get that. But, "people of size"? What? Fat people are the fucking majority. We, the fat, aren't some underclass of society who deserves special treatment or carefully massaged language or anything at all. We're fucking fat. We eat too much. We don't work out enough. We overindulge and that's not a right to be protected. It sucks we get beat up on. Sure does. Nobody likes that and that sure makes for some sad pandas. But, you know, we eat too much and we don't work out...whose fucking fault is that? It's not like we have been disallowed any rights as people. No one has ever said we can't marry, vote, or be free. Never. Just that maybe, sort of suggested that we do something about the weight because, you know, people shouldn't sweat from sitting still. Sometimes we get stared at and sometimes we gotta buy extra seats on a plane...just like a family with identical twins. Boo-fucking-hoo. "People of size"... Jesus chocolate-covered Christ.

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