October 2, 2009

Archives Month


October is Wisconsin Archives Month. I know you know already, but I figured I should remind you.

Anyway, Emily and the other members of the UW student chapter of the Society of American Archivists, have started a blog highlighting this year's theme, scrapbooks.

So, please, check out their blog by clicking this link, or the one in this post's first line: Wisconsin Archives Month 2009.

They've put up a couple posts, showing some real interesting pictures. So far, the information shown reminds me a little bit of Forgotten Bookmarks in the old, interesting stuff you can find if you just know where to look. It should be interesting as the month continues and what other interesting stuff lurks out there in county archives.

Also, if you could do me a favor in juicing the Google spiders a bit with the Wisconsin Archives Month 2009 blog by promoting it on your blogs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all.

viva wisconsin archives month 2009

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Emily said...

Thank you sweetie!