October 1, 2009

The Worst Idea


Here in the Madison area, we are overrun with fucking roundabouts. I hate them. They aren't everywhere, but they are enough places to make you crave the awkwardness of a four-way stop. Oh, I understand the supposed benefits of the roundabout, but it never works. There are too many old people, stupid people, and nervous drivers (that's me!) to properly negotiate one of these cocksuckers with any deftness, especially if there is traffic going around it. On the way to Mount Horeb Wisconsin, you have to drive through something like 6 of these bastards, in a row. There's more than one, I believe, on the UW campus. There's one by the nice Wal-Mart. One out by my soon-to-be former job. Enough of these damn things. No one knows how to drive around them and they freak people the fuck out. Knock it off, WiDoT.

Emily and I had to weasel around one they just installed outside the Wisconsin Dells on the way back to Madison. The fucker had traffic lined up in all directions, not to mention making everyone there nervous that they would be stuck in a National Lampoon European Vacation "Big Ben, Parliament" roundabout moment of hell (see below).

Down with roundabouts! Who's with me!

viva el mustache

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