October 18, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


Another brisk edition posted during some stolen moments while Emily's not online.

Andy Williams - Moon River
"I didn't think he was going to do it, but Bang, Zoom! Second encore!" - Nelson Muntz. Or, something to that effect.

Major Lazer - Hold the Line
I was searching for a cover of Toto's Hold the Line, and I found this song. I don't know what to make of it. I don't quite like it, but I kept watching and listening to this.

Reef - Place Your Hands
Remember this? God, I hated this song so much when it came out because I couldn't stand this guy's voice. And I still can't.

Kula Shaker - Tattva
How about this one? I had this CD. I think someone may have been in the pile of discs sold to help fund the NYC AWP for MNSU, but I may have jettisoned it before then. I'm not sure.

Crystal Waters - 100% Pure Love
Oh, I know you remember this one.

viva el mustache

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I don't know which was worse about Kula Shaker the song or the fact that the lead singer was Haley Mills (Parent Trap 61' ) son. Just a horrible band that helped destroy Britpop.