November 15, 2009

Bad Music Sunday


My blog output has been pathetic lately. It's not because stuff hasn't been happening that's worth blogging. But, I honestly haven't had the time to write about any of it.

I just realized that while my new job is awesome, my Mondays through Fridays are, essentially, 12 hour days. I'm up at 5 AM and home around 5:30 PM, depending the bus. I work out, eat dinner and then it's time to make my lunch for the next day and go to bed to do it all again.

Anyway, I'm going to make an effort to change this. Haven't quite figured out how yet, but I will. I don't intend on letting this space wither and die yet.

But, for now, here's another BMS. This one goes out to Seth and his current personal drama revolving around rumors of Aerosmith's rumored disbanding.

Aerosmith - Jaded

My lord. Steven Tyler has to be one of the ugliest men on earth. He's like a gypsy Gollum...all scarves and tendons. Gross.

viva el mustache

1 comment:

Flynn said...

"all scarves and tendons" is the best description of that jackass I've ever seen.