November 15, 2009



I've pretty much given up vegetarianism. I know, don't all cry at once. Really, it's about having sandwiches for lunch. I really like sandwiches and vegetarian lunch meat, while tasty enough, is damn expensive for the amount of food you get. However, as I say this, I spent about 10 bucks today on lunch meat for me and Emily to get turkey that doesn't have any corn starch or sugar in it (where I shopped today, they only had one turkey option that fit that bill and it was 3.70 for a package with 3.5 servings, so I had to buy 3 packages for me and Emily for the week).

I've decided to be a social vegetarian. When out with people or just me and Emily, I'm going no meat. If smokers and drinkers can rationalize their behavior this way, then so can I.

Also, I haven't completely given up on vegetarianism. Like today for dinner we had this lentil chili that turned out pretty damn good. Could use to be spicier, but that's for next time. Also, there's plenty of vegetarian food oddities out there to meatless jerky. Observe!

Yes, this is a vegetarian jerky.

Here's what it looks like. Felt just like those jerky chips you buy.

The smell...

The taste...

Good enough! It tasted mostly of unsweetened chocolate, but just a touch spicy. So it was hard, chewy, vaguely chocolatey and peppery stuff.

So, I make Emily try it...

She disagrees. Had the consistency of dried prunes, she said.
Choose for yourself, here's a link to their website, which will can lead you to an online shopping portal. I know you want to try it or other meatless stuff...then probably take a ham bath or each your weight in White Castles to restore your meat levels.

viva el mustache

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