December 31, 2009

Mustache of All Years

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain.
Literature professor.
War hero.

viva el mustache


Emily said...

WOOT! Chamberlain! Chamberlain! Close that gate on those Rebs!

Flynn said...

"I never could be a partisan leader - a man of one idea." - Joshua Chamberlain

Jenmac said...

Hi Mustache Guy!
You made the following comment on my blog just over two years ago, and I stumbled across it today while looking for something else in my archives.
So did this happen?

" Jen, I'm glad you found my goofy mustache blog (and pleasantly surprised too). And, tell you what, if I lose enough weight by my 30th to get me into a ballerina outfit, I'll be celebrating with my own version of Swan Lake, tutus and all. If this blog's still live in two years, I'll post the pics.

Thanks for stopping by, and keep living the non-crisis dreams.
October 17, 2007 2:38 PM "