January 20, 2010

Moving Day


BOMM has been good to us all, but we're moving over to new digs. Why? Well, partly because since I rarely talk mustache anymore, maybe it's time to quit pretending to the mustache throne.
And also, I think, because I'm a little bored with this one.

So, here's the link to where I'll be.

Slender Volume.

I'm still moving into that space so excuse the mess for now and I have limited access to the internet, so it's going to be a slow process, believe me.

Also, I will not close out BOMM because for some reason 18 posts of mine didn't import over to SL, and I don't know which ones. Plus, it fucked up a lot of my pictures. So if you're looking for old posts, look here. If you're looking for new content, please, follow the link.

Thanks all. See you on the other platform.

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