December 12, 2009

News & MFA Humor


Sorry for being so lax in updating lately. Internet access has been restricted and honestly I've had little to say that wouldn't result in some kind of bleeding out about one thing or another, and where's the fun in that, right? Or, I guess I could talk about my job, but I won't be talking about my job because I want to keep it, though I have heard some funny and decidedly fucked up things. Oh, I am such a tease.

Besides that, really, I only have two bits of news. 1)I've abandoned the idea of pursuing a PhD right now for a bunch of complicated reasons, but it boils down to "I don't wanna" so I'm not gonna. Now I just have to return all those books I checked out about Brecht & Kundera. 2)I'm exploring different blogging options, something a bit more focused and without such a clunky URL (and hopefully fewer "men shitting" seekers). So, yes, the closing of BOMM is imminent once I get a few other things get straightened out.

So, with that dispensed with, let's check out some goofy videos that appear to have been made by that fucking chain-greaser Mike Magnuson and posted to his blog, which is linked with these words right here. These cracked me up, so I had to share them with you.

Flannery Who?

Dick Fiction

What Is Metaphor?

viva el mustache


Bronson said...

Those videos are great!

DeWolf said...

We watched those at Diana's house this past week.

Mike Magnuson said...

Chain greaser?

Bryan said...

MM: It is a poorly done bicycle reference.