October 25, 2007

There Are No Videos of Men Shitting on This Website


If you have reached this post from clicking on the "men shitting" link at the top of this blog, and are in actual, honest pursuit of men shitting videos, and you have a moment to halt your search, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post about how your men shitting kink was discovered, or why you find it appealing, or anything you'd like to share about your distinct preference. I am sincerely curious about that, and I imagine other readers of this blog would like to know too. Thank you for your time.

SiteMeter has me concerned for humanity. As you may have noted, I've been keeping up that list of google search items and rankings in the sidebar to your immediate right. Now, poke through that list a little...see if you notice the most common search item that directs people from around the globe here.

Today, just minutes ago actually, a person from Italy was searching for "men shitting videos" and I was number 32 on that list.

Why the fuck would you ever want to see videos of that? Now, I can understand a great many kinks. From furries to S&M to even peeing on people, I can find some way as to why people could possibly like that. (For the record, none of those kinks I listed interest me.) But there's something about scat play that just seems extremely off limits. It stinks. It has e-coli in it. It stinks. And, you know, it's shit. What's the appeal of watching someone squeeze one out? This is an honest question too...what is the appeal?

You like that stressed face? Maybe there should be videos of people opening pickle jars then. Those jars are hard to get open, and you could drop a nut trying to turn one over. So it can't be that, so it is specifically the act of defecating that trips the trigger of those who love scat play.

And what are the videos anyway? Are they in-the-toliet kind of angles so you can see each turd birthed? Do they have HD versions of it so you could see the spincter blossom in glorious 1080p? Then what? Is that all there is to it? 120 minutes of that? Are there men shitting subdivisions, like those who prefer "soft serve" or those who are called "loggers," or those who are called "huskers" (for corn filled poop)? Do they have like soft-core versions of the shitting videos, the hotel-porn of shitting videos, and other more hardcore shitting videos? Is there a Jenna Jameson superstar of the scat scene? Does someone have that person's autograph? Is there an ironic icon of the shitting scene, a la Ron Jeremy? On the films, do they use pasteurized shit? Stunt shit? Are these people who get turned on by shit stories? Do these scatlovers know Seth? Were they fans of buttfucking at an early age, and then it just wasn't enough for them? Not the fucking part, but just the butt, and the santorum?

But, the question, the real question...why the fuck does this appeal to people? What had to happen in their lives to where they grow up to defy all evolutionary common sense when it comes to our waste? I mean, I could see the first couple hundred humans not really knowing what's going on, and getting curious, but right around human number 1,000, I think we figured out that shit is off-limits to enjoy sexually. But somehow, these pursants have overcome that biological pull to avoid your own feces and done the exact opposite with them. Therefore, it makes these people interesting...unless they are doing it just to be contrary, like some petulant teen...but I gotta admit there must be more sanitary ways to act this way.

It just befuddles me completely. So, you people who have found this website on your search for men-shitting...leave me a comment, please. What led you to this darkest of the dark art? And what makes you sift through multiple pages of men-shitting links? How do you judge men-shitting quality? Tell me your story. Please.



nostradamustache said...

It's funny. I don't know where these people are, but someone got to my blog with "about ass to mouth." I don't remember any of my blogs referring to ass to mouth. Although maybe I should add one.

Anonymous said...

First of all, why is your site linked with men shitting in the first place? Did you do that on purpose to put people on the spot? Second, as with any fetish, there is no known understanding of how one develops. I also have a foot fetish. There is something sexy about a hot manly guy's bare feet. I remember being 8 years old and being fascinated by seeing a guy with no shoes on. Don't know why. The whole guy shitting thing can't even be explained. Watching a straight guy do one of the most masculine things you can imagine...taking a dump and being proud of it is hot.

Bryan said...

Hello anonymous. I don't know when you found this website, or left this comment, but here's my reply to one of the question you asked about why my site is linked with men shitting in the first place.

In one post I wrote a while back, I told a funny, anecdotal story about the time my dad taking a dump in a lake while we were fishing. And then, somehow, a person doing a Google search for the term "men shitting" (quotes mine) found my site. I thought it was funny, and I got fascinated with the whole Google search item function of SiteMeter, so I started posting the interesting search terms that led people to click on my blog as a sidebar. And from there, this site somehow became highly ranked on Google for people doing men shitting searches.

And thanks for the info about the fetishes. I always figured there was some psychological reasoning for it, and not some big mysterious deal. Take care, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I like to see girls shit because it shows something processed by their beautiful bodies. The smell is what lures me, and watching it come out, but I must admit, much more than that (like eating it and smearing it all over your body) is too much for me. Any other questions?

Bryan said...

Hello Anonymous. I assume that you are a different Anonymous than before, but one never knows. Surely it seems like you're just having a laugh, but maybe you're serious, and I don't want to judge.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I appreciate that. I don't know when you left the comment, but the question I posed in this old post was about how the kink was discovered...and mostly how were you able to reconcile your kink with what is clearly out-of-bounds behavior. Like, how long did it take to get over the guilt of being a scat-fetishist? What is it that got you over the guilt in the first place? That is, assuming, there was guilt in the first place...which brings up a whole other question as to why wouldn't you experience guilt or shame or something when exploring this kink to be sexually fulfilled.