January 3, 2009

Best Ice Cream of Illinois

oh, ya'll might have your oberweis dairies or whathaveyous, but this spot,
right here, best ice cream in illinois.
it's called the dairy bar, and it's the soft serve ice cream i grew up on. responsible for the
budding of what became a hellacious gut. this one woman, who must own the joint, knew me by name though i never learned hers. quite a few days after school, if my dad was on days, we'd swing by here for two cones, he'd get strawberry (if they had it) and i'd get whatever speciality they had (still remember the chocolate cake ice cream they had more than 10 years ago).
it's next to the cemetery where my grandma violetta is buried.
there's other businesses nearby, but it's still a strange place for an ice cream joint. can't argue with it's quality though.

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